Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Unbreakable Chains of the Past

Experience is the greatest teacher- often heard, often real. But what if experience teaches you to become a different person; to view yourself and the world differently. What if these experiences, although they might have already taught you something, do not go away, and keeps on haunting you as if you have some debt to pay?

This is what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is about.

Sufferers of this psychological dilemma creates a differentiating turning point in an individual as if challenging his or her capacity to survive. In a way, it only takes one traumatic experience to change one person into becoming someone else through breaking down his beliefs, his trust system and his overall personal defense mechanism and create a more chaotic one.

Traumatizing events come in different forms and sizes; and every individual has a different unique course of facing each turmoil in their lives. This is the reason why PTSD in one person may not seemingly appear similar on another. Nevertheless, there are common grounds by which PTSD is recognized to take an evident effect on how or what one becomes.

What is Trauma? 

Our mind functions through sorting out information which includes memories of the everyday experiences that we encounter.

An experience that makes a mark in an individual in a negative manner that it did push him into changing his ways, breaking down his walls or if not building them even higher, setting his limits into an overdrive which usually results to anxiety and paranoia is often noted as trauma.

While every memory comes from an experience that often teaches one to become a better person, trauma creates a different individual; one that is challenged by the truth and is constantly confused of the whys and hows of life.

True, trauma in itself is devastating. It tends to make a miserable being out of an individual.At some point, a person can become overtly concerned about his everyday activities as if trying to shield himself from everything and everyone else. It is a tiring course of life that leads one to becoming frustrated about a past that has long been gone because the residues of such memories has had a great impact on what he is at present.

But what are the certain factors contributing to make an experience as traumatic as it is? The post that follows shall explain further on this matter. 




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