What Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is About

It’s tiring, it’s consuming…it feels like working twenty-four-seven without having the capacity to sleep even though you want so much to.

…then the next day, you feel like you can do it again or at least you believe you can- you enjoy a full day’s work only to find that the night is ready to give you the same tiring experience again.

Why does everything feel so tumbled up and down? It is because of fact that you are required to face life as it happens and return to a distant dark past that you want so much to forget but your brain simply refuses to.

Devastating as the experience is, your brain simply says no to being forgetful of this particular memory. The nightmares and the constant reminders that it happened brings it alive as if it is happening over and over again; your fears and your anxiety all comes back as if you are re-experiencing the whole event over and over again.

This is what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is all about. It comes in different pictures and different forms. Yet, all have something in common; they bring the sufferer down to their worst being.

The frustration of individuals suffering from PTSD grows into something controllable towards unimaginable courses of redefining one’s being to merely survive the test of having the need to face all of what is happening along with the need to battle with what happened in the past.

No, individuals with PTSD do not have mental ailments-they have psychological incapacity that have resulted from being damaged by a past that has been inflicted against them. Individuals noted to have the most deadening experience of PTSD are rape victims This is further defined by the UK Domestic Abuse Information authority.

Why is this so?

Rape victims do not just feel damaged because of what has happened to them, they feel the need to answer questions among themselves to redefine who they are after the event.

Their self-identity crumbles down in pieces and they often find it hard to get back up their feet because they feel worthless of the respect that they used to believe they deserve. They ask whether or not what happened was their fault- or if they have actually invited such situation to happen.

Trying to rebuild such identity is tiring. As one tries to pick up the pieces of what she was, she begins to despise her being that she wants so much to get away as much as she can from what she was before-the person she thinks have invited the tragic event to happen. But then when she can’t she would feel specifically chained to the past that she is never able to move on further-this dilemma of self-identity and being a slave of her past makes life harder to deal with. PTSD consequences even makes such conditions worse.

What then are the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? The next blog discussion shall define this further.


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