Noting the Three D’s of Success

Everyone wants to be successful-that is a general no-brainer. However, not everyone knows how to become successful. While the majority of the global population know how to dream, not everyone know how to make these dreams a reality. Most of the time, it is because of this fact that people become more frustrated than empowered to move forward towards their dreams and the hopes that they hold on to in their minds. Nonetheless, the desire to succeed remains strongly rooted on how one views the meaning of the word itself.

There are three main points of consideration one has to take note of when aiming to succeed at anything. These three main points include the three D’s of success:


The first D is Determination

What are you determined to do? What purpose do you want to attain for yourself? Take note that the questions are directed to “YOU” which imposes that a dream begins with one’s own self. A focus on one’s self gives a person a more controllable option of seeing how things are supposed to work out basing on his personal decisions. This also narrows down one’s expectations since it only involves himself, how he understands a particular situation he is facing and how he wants to get past through it or how he wants to succeed at this point towards another.

Determination sets the attention of a person towards something that he wants to achieve. The desire to engage in the process of making his dreams and his hopes a reality that he can see and indulge in is what drives him to be determined enough to push himself towards the edge of that goal.


The second D is Direction

Yes, you know what you want- but do you know how to get there? Many people, as mentioned earlier, are aiming for too many things. They hope for a lot and yet they work for none. Even though their desire is strong, it is not strong enough to push them to work. A sense of direction might help in setting the path straight towards such goal. Direction imposes on the need of a person to make a plan, make a blueprint of a step-by-step procedure of how he is going to move forward from one success-point towards another.

Direction starts with the question what; what to I want to accomplish?

The it should be followed by an important question of “why”? -Why do I want to accomplish this?

Then it is followed by another question of what; what do I need to accomplish this goal?

Then followed by a series of questions on how; how do I subdivide my success-points? How do I establish goals for each success-point? How do I handle possible failures in the process-how do I formulate the alternatives? How do I face challenges during the process of reaching these goals?

These series of questions shall help individuals to define the direction they are following especially as they intend to define their identity and their self-worth with these goals.


The third D is Dedication

Once you have everything laid down in consistent response to the goals and the sub-goals you have in mind, it would be easier to follow through. Then again, there would be some setbacks along the way. There are instances when things will not go the way that you expected them to come through. There are external factors that may contribute to the failure of one plan. This is where your dedication to the goal comes in. Your desire to reach the edge of your dream with a successful end ought to push you to dedicate your time and effort to what you have put your mind into even in the face of adversities and failures along the way.


What you must keep in mind is that you need to be as realistic as possible. What sets dreamers apart from success-driven individuals is that thin bridge of REALITY. Dreamers who only dream do not think of what is real; they are merely the ones who say “dreaming is free-so why not do it?

Success-driven individuals know what reality means and how it could impact their goals in life. They know how to set the limits and they are able to see what could happen next based on their current decisions. As they see these things, they prepare for everything unexpected with full positiveness in mind-with a hope that their plans would pan out as successful as possible.

There is also a danger in being TOO REALISTIC; some see much of what might happen and decide to stop and not dream at all because they are afraid that things would fail since it is what reality suggests. Again, when this happens, going back to the three D’s and their meaning to one’s goal setting would help.

If you have something in mind you want to accomplish and you know it would be worth your while and it would help others as well; do not stop at closing your eyes and dreaming you have achieved your goal.

Open your eyes, respond to your desire with Determination;

create possibilities and make ways to set your Direction and

be strong enough to show your Dedication in your goal until you achieve it and be satisfied with what you have done and reap the fruits of success you have always wanted to embrace.


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