Being Well is a Personal Decision

There are instances in life when we find ourselves somewhere uncomfortable, somewhere we never expected we would be. During this time, it is the easiest choice to put the blame on others and to be fixated on making sure they accept their mistakes and pay up their supposed dues to us. However, often times, this approach almost never works.

The truth is, in every situation, our reaction counts.

For instance, if we choose to be irritated by the gossiping and bickering of others against us behind our backs, we will automatically feel betrayed. When we do, we then feel enraged and have the need to clarify matters; which often leads to our frustrations.

Sadly, at the end of this all, we are the ones at the losing end.Truth is, when a news has been set out in the open, it spreads, no matter how hard we stop it.

Now let’s look at it in another picture – we heard a gossip going around about us. We stop.We think and then we let it go.

People will be people- they will always be fond of learning stories about other people- whether or not it is true.

We then decide that what matters is that we know what the truth is and that when someone “genuinely” asks for the truth then we’ll tell them. But if we have the feeling that they would just use the truth to create a new story of their own- then we have the right to say – “sorry, it’s a long story and I’m not in the mood to tell”.

Another example would be when someone verbally or physically wrongs us.

We often think that when it comes to dealing with friends and family, we are more open, more trusting simply because it is a safe zone. However, what happens when all of that belief starts crumbling down?

The easiest response, yet again, is putting the blame on others. When we realize that we cannot put the blame on them, then we start turning to ourselves; which of course becomes even more problematic.

The decision to be well comes from the personal perception that “things simply happen the way they do”. And that at times, the change in time, in people and in our circumstances are the most powerful elements we can never control.

Given this thought, when we decide to be well, it simply means we decide to accept that there are things that occur in our lives for so many reasons. But asking the question “why” and constantly banging our heads to get the answer out is somewhat something that may stagnate us into a situation we never want to be stuck into.

We Move On without necessarily breaking ourselves by putting our energy on important things in our lives and not on matters we can never control.

Putting blame on others or putting the blame on ourselves never help out solve issues. However, it is an innate nature of being human and it is sometimes inevitable to avoid.

The decision to be well is on our hands- and taking the initiative to bring ourselves closer to the more positive elements in life is a much invigorating choice than wallowing over the negative situations we have gone through in the past, is going through at present and would be going through in the future.

But how do we cultivate such personal conviction on deciding to be well amidst the hardest blows of life? The post that follows shall provide a more in-depth definition of this procedure.

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