Just When You’re About to Give Up- It’s the Right Time You Ought to Get Back Up


The famous saying goes “when your way down, there’s no other best way but to go up”.  While many would say this is easier said than done, it is actually doable with proper attitude and practical strategies.
The world has a distinct pattern of putting us under constant stress. From large career opportunities, commercial offers relatively connected to fast paced advancing technology to the basic need of feeding our families. 

Through time, being as flexible and adaptive as we naturally are, humans have learned how to deal with the twists and turns of life. 

However, when the pressure comes in bulk, there are instances when a person’s capacity to face life’s issues become hastily compromised that it is depleted before he can get out of all the different messes he got into. Before he knows it, it could be that his powers have already been worn out that he already losses the will to fight. Have you been under this situation lately? Or are you still battling with it and you’re about ready to give up?
Do not falter- You are not alone.

At least 3 out of five individuals you may have randomly known experiences the same dilemma you are in and yet you may have no idea about it because they carry it behind their smiles and their laughter, and like you, they stand as worn out fighters against life’s twists and turns.

The good thing is, with all these twists there is always a great chance that life would offer its own turn to get you back up again. But to get back up, you would have to learn how to deal with the matter with the right tools:

A calm heart
 A calm heart gives life to the body – Proverbs 14:30

As direct as it seems, this proverb provides one of the most important tools to dealing with life’s most twisted situations. It is when we panic that we get to decide to give up. 

Medically, the heart is the body’s primary battery that fuels up the function of the body’ CPU which is our brain. When we are in panic, our heart pumps out blood so fast that our brain functions get messed up- and when we cannot handle it anymore, we decide to give up. 

Whereas, when our heart is calm and it functions well, our brain responds more positively to the situation and we are able to resolve the issues one by one. 

But… being calm and remaining calm takes practice and positive attitude. But when it becomes a part of your behavior, your calm reaction to situations could make things easier to bear. 

A well directed mind

 As a calm heart supplies the body and the brain with proper supply of oxygen, so does a brain properly directed to weigh situations and how their value ought to be fully recognized. Our brain is noted as the CPU of our body, our whole being.

A properly directed mind needs constant maintenance.

What we read, what we watch and everything else we feed our brains serve as basic data that we could establish to ensure the proper function of the program embedded in our brains. This program would provide us with the direction we need in order to face the different situations that are confronting us everyday.

When we are about to give up, a properly guided mind could give us a better option of getting back up. However, this could only be accomplished if we have trained our brain properly to respond accordingly to challenges.

In conclusion, a good heart and a properly focused mind creates a better option for us of going through all the different issues in life. True, this takes practice, it means following a personal culture of positivity; going through such process takes a daily effort towards remaining within a well-directed path.

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