Don’t Let Anxiety Rob You Off from Enjoying the Basic Things in Life


Life is simple- we make it complicated

Agree? We may react differently on the line above depending on what we are currently going through in our lives.

But if I may ask, have you seen the rising of the sun lately? Have you tried spending at least a few minutes walking in the park lately with no necessary goals of losing your weight or jogging for physical improvement? Just a walk that  would relx your mind and reconnect you with nature?

Have you tried spending a few minutes outside the house or looking outside your window at night to look at the grand parade of stars in the night lately? Or perhaps stare at the moon as your cheeks are being softly caressed by the cool breeze of the night wind?

The world has been in search of the most relaxing remedies that could be offered to a weary soul. Mixing aromas and reconfiguring ambiance, different  spas and massage facilities are exploring every possible option to bring relaxation back into the picture- then again, not everyone could take such option as it costs a lot to attain such state of relaxation.

The truth is, these establishments are working so hard to find something that already exists – nature. And the good thing is that it’s free.

Taking the time to buy out some minute out of our busy lives is the only “supposed sacrifice” we need to make.

Take the time…

And engage in naturally invigorating activities and find yourself relieved from the different stresses life offers. Like maintenance medication, make natural engagement a daily dose of releasing yourself off from the pressures of living.

Not only does this practice rejuvenate your mental and emotional health, it also creates a better option of holistic physical development that helps you become a better individual.

Here are some helpful and useful facts that could convince you that this is the time for you to consider Natural Therapy as a regular part of your daily regime:

1. Relaxed walking in the morning before the sun completely shines wakes up our mental capacities and allows us to set our focus in a calmer manner. This walk  should take place before breakfast. It is best advisable to hydrate every five minutes of walk with lemon water. This hydration formula cleanses our system early in the morning and sets our digestive system into proper motion. A good and functioning digestive system offers effective absorption of vital nutrients and proper disposal of wastes and toxins from the body.

2. An early morning walk in the park or somewhere quiet enough that is close to nature  refreshes our senses which provides us with better capacity of handling pressure throughout the day.

3. Walking to work (when possible) does not only save you time and money, it could also save your life. It has been found through research that individuals who are able to find lesser busy routes to work or school where they could walk are more alert than others who simply take the cab or the train. If your work or school’s location is not to far away, then it would not be hard to take this option. Unlike the relaxing work suggested earlier, this type of walkathon is more strenuous as it requires a specific pace because you would be catching up with time. Nevertheless, with right application of pressure, such a walk could give you a better source of concentration and focus in later hours of the day. It also aides the production  of dopamine or the “happy hormone” which gives us a positive outlook the whole day long.

4. As the day ends, it is best to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes looking through the night sky with the stars and the moon glaring upon us. This perfect scenario and the cool breeze of the wind cools down our nerves and sets us to a better sleeping pattern at night.

True, nothing is much better than being rejuvenated by the simplest things around us. We have been given the gift of life, and we have been supplied with everything we need to survive and be satisfied- and everything is for free. So set yourself towards a goal of making a better you and embrace every possible opportunity there is to renew your being with Nature’s Perfect Therapy.

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