Respect: The Basic Groundwork of Any Relationship

A woman deserves more than just to be said empty “I love You[s]”. Truth is, the reality of the word is felt in actions. Respect of one’s wife is one that creates such meaning. A woman who is highly respected by her husband is one who is observed to have better grounding. A wife who is often listened to is someone who is seen to have better control of herself and her emotions.

Is this an easy task for men? For some, “yes”- some might even say it comes naturally for them. But for many, it takes effort to listen and to really understand their wives. But why do they do it? Because more than just the love they feel for their partner, they RESPECT them.

What does respect mean between a man and a woman?

Woman is of course in direct submission to the headship of her husband. The bible admonishes women to recognize such God-given authority among men. However, it also stipulates strongly how a man is supposed to treat his wife. Never a possession, but a precious vessel that requires protection.

Women are naturally sensitive, but never dubbed as weak. Instead, it is their sensitivity that could either make them strong or weak, depending on how they are treated by their “protectors”.

I have seen and known women who who were highly respected by their husbands, recognized for their hard work and efforts, I see them blooming, always positive and are easily able to withstand the tests of time in smiles.

On the contrary, women who have husbands who treat them as tools, possessions and does not merely appreciate their existence as a mother, as a wife, as a woman, no matter how much effort they put into it turn out to be reckless, emotional and depressive. They are diminished from their own self worth that even they become less likely to respect themselves. Instead of respect for their husbands, all they feel is fear and disgust.


See, the beauty of a woman is often correlated to how well she is taken care of by her man. But when a woman realizes her self-worth and gains back the strength to see who she really is and what she really is for, she gains a beauty that is all to herself; a sense of respect that she needs from no man, so long as she knows where she stands and what she stands for.

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  1. Rick says:

    Very well said.


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