Getting out of the Shell

What makes depression even more depressing is the fact that it becomes too confusing to explain that those suffering from it are challenged to remain sane amidst everything going on in their minds.

A person with depression often comes to a point of denial resulting to pretension. Hoping to cover up the symptoms, individuals feeling the onset of depression often intend to deny its happening; not just to protect themselves but to avoid being asked by the ones who know them. Why dobthey not want to be asked you say? Because they too have no idea what’s going on. They might struggle to explain at first, but then the fear of being judged by those who cannot understand can put their desire of being heard at a halt.

Silence becomes a depressed person’s best friend. Covering up the pain may seem to be a good escape at first. Nevertheless, it breaks a person more inside.

It’s true that many among who are great in making other people laugh are the ones who are most afflicted by the pain. They react to depression in such a way that they could hide reality and avoid questions that they have no idea how to face.

In some cases, this is the reason why it is almost surprising to family and friends of a very jolly person to know that they have already developed chronic deprressive ailments.

This does not always have to be the case.

If you are someone experiencing the symptoms of depression, but you are afraid to get everyone into the picture- that’s normal.

But you also have to know that getting out of your shell is only the first step towards getting out of the mess in your head. It takes time, it takes courage- but know that you are not alone in this.

Many have already suffered, many are still suffering, but dealing with depression is not impossible. The first step to take is to recognize its existence and find a way to let it out in a manner that is most acceptable for you.

You can write your thoughts

Sometimes, the scare does not come from fear itself, but from the idea of being judged by others.

You might be afraid that even your closest friend might not understand the situation and instead judge you wrongly.

Writing can ease out such fear. The first step of putting down your thoughts and feelings into writing about the situation shall help you understand your own condition. When writing, don’t try to cover up anything- remember, you are writing for yourself and not for anyone else.

When you’re ready to tell, find one confidant who you know can keep a secret

Sadly, depression often breaks a person’s concept of trust. Hence, finding a trustworthy friend might be hard. It takes time, when you’re ready, then you could try to open up bit by bit, only to the point you actually want to share. It takes courage and a confidant who understands. This approach helps a lot in dealing with the situation.

Access online support groups

If you have social media accounts like facebook- it would be helpful to find a group that responds to your needs. Usually, these groups are private. So you have to ask to join within the group. Knowing that you are not alone in this journey could free you off the thought that “no one else understands” you or your situation.

These are only some of the first steps you can engage in when it comes to opening yourself towards the possibilities of healing and recovery. But if you think that the problem is already uncontrollable, it always helps to see a professional psychiatrist to guide you through the way.

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