The Real Unseen Struggles of PTSD

Reality breaks my heart…while there are many discussions found online about what PTSD is, how a patient suffers it and how it progresses, it is true what they say that you’ll never know what it really is nor would you understand how it really feels unless you’ve walked the path- unless you were the one to experience the graves of its deepest falls.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder literally consumes a person. It may not immediately show, but it is already making small but significantly painful shreds of broken pieces inside an individuals mind, emotions and inner being. With a memory that has marked an individual’s past, it is not easy to run away, nor move on as suggested by everyone else.

A person’s life changes from within, at times not yet on the surface as the subconscious intends to cover up all the breakages that even the sufferer does not understand. In many cases of this condition, patients are often caught off guard, at times not even knowing nor understanding what caused the breakdown simply because covering the past worked so well for quite so long. As the past catches up, internal revelations are made, at times putting the sufferer off balance. Trying to stand up strong, the inner struggle begins, o only worsening the situation.

This is when the symptoms become gradually obvious especially to those who know the sufferer well.

At times, even the sufferer’s confusions lead to wrong notions, often misleading those around as if suggesting that he is only making up such symptoms, or that he is only trying to get attention or perhaps he is simply feeling depressed. The true is, there I a whole lot of difference between PTSD and clinical or chronic depression not only based on their medical definition but most importantly on the way these conditions affect a person’s life and perception towards everyday life.

Furthermore, PTSD manages to break one’s sanity in a sense that it takes control of a person, his life, his relationships and his entire well being.

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