Acceptance: The Base Foundation of Healing

You’ve been hurt,

You’ve been rejected,

You’ve been set aside

Now you feel worthless and baseless

Your life, purposeless

The people you once trusted lies about you

And creates a reputation that is not yours

They make people believe that you have become someone else

They have convinced a lot that you are that person they describe

You keep yourself in a shell

You derail yourself in another path

Somewhere no one knows, but somehow, everything catches up

You feel that there is no way out, that it’s dead end

That you have no other choice but to live the hell they have created for you

You feel powerless, you feel deeply disconnected s

But you struggle, because you want to live again

Because you want to prove that without words,

You can recover that reputation that you once lost

Every day is painful journey

A path that puts you in constant disagreement with yourself

It drives you mad to be lost on the process not being explain why you are where you are now

You try to reach for a hand, but you are rendered none

You feel alone, but then you struggle,

You struggle because you want to emerge, you want to survive

Because somewhere in that tired soul of yours, is a light of acceptance

A hope that one day, everything will fall in its place

And you would be able to breathe again

In every person’s life, there is a time [or at times,several instances] when someone come into the picture and introduce the meaning of pain; so deep that it almost drains out the life and the very purpose one has in his existence. A pain so drastic that it creates a breakage on one’s very soul.

Surviving such pain is often problematic. Especially in the first steps of getting through it.

Acceptance is often the first step that gets neglected.While a person remains in the denial state, he will never understand the need to move forward simply because he takes a hard time making sense of what happened in the past and tries to get answers from the person who he thinks may have wronged him. The sad thing is, not everyone who wrongs another is willing enough to accept it. As the chain of denial continues to exist, a struggling person in pain would never be able to get a step forward.

What is acceptance?

Acceptance is the process of realizing that there are things beyond our control; and that the actions of other people cannot be controlled either.

Acceptance is the process of knowing that you have been wronged and the willingness you have in you to let it pass, because you do not hold other people responsible for your own happiness.

It has been said many times, that with forgiveness, the first step is acceptance. Knowing that the person who may have hurt you may or may not have directly meant to break you but then you were broken down in the process.

Being in pain is human, being hurt is human and sadly,holding grudges is also one part of being human, even though it serves as an anomalous context of dictating how much the pain and hurt would hold down a person’s capacity to survive and move forward. Acceptance counters holding grudges.

Know that you have been hurt. Accept that you are human. Embrace the hope that lays ahead of your path.

The people who have wronged you- let them be. This does not mean that you would just let anyone wrong you again like they did. This just means that at this point, you should already be able to take a definitive understanding of taking care of your ways and knowing that protecting yourself is essential.

Being hurt ought to prove you the kind of person that you are.

Wallow for a time, but not to the point of losing yourself. Let your eyes well-up so as to release the pressure your heart feels. Enough to give your heart some more space for better days ahead.

Now that you know better, buckle-up. The road ahead my not be that easy, it may be bumpy, but remember, if you pull through, you sure will rise up to be a much better individual than you ever were.

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