The Baguio JCO Craze

I heard it from a jeepney passenger on the way home that JCO is giving away donuts. I was adamant at first, but I guess because I cannot resist JCO’s tempting taste, I thought to myself, I guess it would not hurt to check.

So I rode a jeepney to SM Baguio and went to JCO store. To my amazement, there is a ridiculously twisted and turned line of customers waiting for their turn to get their donuts.

I mean, I expected it to be much of a craze, but I did not anticipate it to be this crazy.

I almost did not want to push forward especially when I read the promo to be 500 pesos for 2 dozen donuts. Nonetheless, I guess this is a pretty good deal, considering that I do not have what it takes to buy the donuts at a regular price this month :).

So I took the chance and fell in line.

Right now, I am still waiting for my turn. I am the 479th customer, thanks to my phone I can complete my job while waiting in line.

It’s funny how Filipinos would actually wait this long for a couple of good donuts. Well, I can’t complain that much, I’m one of them right? 🙂

Well, I guess, if it brings smiles to the faces of the people we love then it definitely is worth the wait. This is what being a Filipino has always been about. To struggle, to sacrifice everything that it takes to bring smiles to the family waiting at home.

Why am I saying this? I could see that in the line there are individuals who seemingly have that one time chance to grab the opportunity of bringing home a good donut as good as JCO. A parent carrying her child along with another toddler standing beside her, for me paints the picture of a parent who would wait just to get the best for her children.

Another person in the line are two young couples with their child who looked like they came from their own jobs simply trying to reach the end of the line to give their child a taste of the good life, something that might not come easily for them on a daily basis.

These long lines could be daunting, but it’s fun being able to see through the eyes of the people, see through the eyes of complete strangers and smile at each other as if we understand what is going on in each other’s head, as if saying “good heavens, when is this line ever going to end”.

The resilience promoted by waiting does create a strong impact on how we intend to face life’s most challenging turns. Sometimes, we encounter experiences that challenge our capacity to wait for the right time. Times like this, I realize the core importance of having that waiting attitude especially when we know what we are waiting for.


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