When Writing is Life

Well, not everyone is comfortable with writing, but for those who view writing as part of their life, it gives them a better sense of surviving through writing… count me in 🙂

Well, each writer has a different way of looking into the craft. Nonetheless, there is a common pattern of losing interest among writers.

Writing is about passion. A writer who is passionate about what he is writing about does have that certain glow in his eyes. A sense of life that signals he knows the real purpose of what he is doing.

However, it cannot be denied that there are instances when even the most talented writers just lose it.

One reason is, writing for money drains out the brain.

Many writers who found out about their talent because of economic pressure usuay start their writing career with one goal in mind, to earn.

Definitely, it could be understood that if you identify with this kind of writer, you are likely experiencing burnout more often than the others.

Looking into writing tasks according to their pricetag, is a good source of income. However, most often than not this puts more pressure to the brain and less additional push towards the inspiration that is basically needed to motivate a writer to write with heart.

Most of the time, when a person writes for another person is motivated by monetary goals.

Another reason is, writing out of frustration kills every juice of interest in every writer’s mind

Lastly, for this list, a writer who keeps on writing without celebrating certain loses all inspiration to move further.

Writing can be the best source of inspiration and motivation. However, when teamed up with frustration and the dictation of the need to earn, it becomes particularly draining.

If like me, you write to earn and you write to unwind as well, it is best to take breaks.

Even though you have deadlines for your writing, never forget to find a way at least once or twice a week to right just for yourself. To give yourself the needed break, be sure to give your mind the ease that it needs in order to refuel. Give your craft the respect that it deserves, and never forget about the passion you have for writing in the first place.

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