Anticipation Rises as the Working Remote Summit Nears

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me and perhaps one of the most anticipated ones.

I admit, I am a freelancer for more than eleven years now and I am thirsty to understand this industry better.

Like many other freelancers out there, I often wonder ‘how come others are living the life and I am merely living on peanuts?’

Seeing the Facebook As of the 2019 Working Remote Summit a few months ago made me realize that there is still something to freelancing that I have not discovered.

But the question was, would I be willing to invest in myself?

As a single mom of two boys, I have always been tight on the budget and this month was not treating me well.

I was overwhelmed to see a post by Paystaff in Facebook looking for writers to cover the event.

I remember how excited I was that this was the first time I ever asserted myself to take the chance and believe that there would be someone out there who would take a chance on me as well.

I was thankful that Miss Eunice Punzalan saw my message and gave me that chance.

As I read through the whole program to be completed in two days, I cannot contain my amazement as to how all these internationally known freelancers will come together and take the stand to promote freelancing not as a daunting work option but a practically satisfying way of life.

I have attended OFFCON 2018 and many experienced freelancers there would speak again in this summit and I cannot wait for the tips and guidelines they would be sharing this time.

Freelancing is the new era of economic power that does not only empower individuals to break the unconventional field of working, but also provides the nation a better option to earn from the industry that offers workers to stay home and work while they enjoy the company of their children.

The Philippine picture of economic advancement is quickly changing and the Working Remote Summit 2019 creates a much better painting on how the beauty of such economy is to be changed by this new platform of work.

With President Duterte’s desire to bring home Filipinos working overseas back to their families here in the country, this summit shall certainly fit in with the accomplishment of such goal.

At the same time, this Summit expects to bring out the best among existing and interested freelancers as we are to be introduced to a whole new different level of distinct freelancing strategies available for us to consider.

I’ll be updating soon on how the whole program turned out to be and what great learnings I would be able to get from it.

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