Working Remote 2019 Takeaway 2: Building Up Personal Inspiration from Passion and Proper Value of Work

Going to the Working Remote 2019 event in SM Aura was a great adventure for me and my dear son as we traveled from Baguio to Manila through the night and tried to reach the place on time with almost so little knowledge of how to go around manila to BGC

Hello there. If you have been reading through my posts, this is my second installment to a series of year-ender entries I am hoping to share with individuals who want to know more about freelancing and how it works.

In this post, I would like to feature some three speakers whose topic of discussion directly hit me in the heart and made me realize what it really means to have a better foundation in facing the challenges of being in the freelance industry.

The truth is set during these speeches and gave the audience the personal tool they need in order to become more productive and embrace personal development as they embrace the constructions and functionality of the freelance industry not only for the people but for the nation’s economy as well.

Among the speakers who presented these compelling discussions include Myke Celis as he presented the topic on How to Gain Confidence; Miss Jeanette Cajucom on the topic of Value Versus Money; and Kris Reid on the topic of Revenue Cures all Problems. This compelling collection of speech discussions gave me a chance to examine myself, my purpose and my motivation to doing what I love, and that is writing.

Before the event, I have already noticed my passion wearing off. I have had several experiences both in work and in life that has caused me to lose sight on what really motivates me to do what I do. I remember writing about this in my post When Writing is Life. The presentation of Myke Celis about How to Gain Confidence spoke directly to me.

He spoke about the difference between our aspirations and the existence of fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion that could cripple our minds and our capacity to function better and move on further. Celis highlighted in his speech that the fear of failure is often powerful enough to hold us back from the possibilities that we can embrace in life. Bringing the audience to a reality check, the discussion on fear gave a me fair time to check on myself and how much fear I have been carrying in my heart for a very long time now because of how things turned out to be.

All of us go through different experiences in life and somehow, these experiences redefine who we become along the way of our embracing maturity. In many ways, fear becomes a huge part of every individual’s growth.

Observe how a child dreams and positively hopes that such dream happens through pretend play. There are no hesitations whatsoever, kids just go for whatever comes into their minds and pretend that everything is going their way.

However, as reality strikes along with maturity, we realize that there are certain limitations in life that keep us from realizing the possibilities of our hopes. We realize that there are certain situations that will keep us from embracing possibilities that are left open for us to try.

One of the most definitive points that were presented during the speech was that we define our own fears and only we can control how much force fear would have upon us, the way we think and the way we act on matters that are affecting us.

Here, Myke Celis challenges the audience on digging deeper into the purpose that we have defined our goals into and ask what are the possibilities that exist as to why we are not reaching out to our goals

In the same speech, he points out that our purpose as individuals may change through time, but there should be a solid basis of our decision to becoming a freelancer- and it should not be just be based on our desire to earn money or feed our families, ourselves or even to efficiently pay for the bills.

Our purpose ought to be defined by our passion- what we want to do in life and what we are specifically immersed in. Many Filipinos who are jumping off from the company-dependent money-making industries to freelancers have a common thought insisting on their mental chatting suggesting “hindi ko kaya” [I can’t do it or I won’t make it]. The fear to fail in the world of freelancing is often putting individuals within a rather uncertain position.

But as Myke Celis points out, ever individual is good at something, and in freelancing, there is an option open for individuals who are passionate enough to embrace their unique gifts. The question is, “are you ready to determine your passion and turn it into the central force that feeds your inspiration?” As Myke Celis’ challenge is forwarded to the audience, Jeanette Cajucom of The Digital Commuter presented a speech on putting the value of our work as our priority apart from the monetary rewards we get from our efforts.

According to Miss Cajucom, the focus we have on the value that we put on our work would help us survive the ups and downs of working remotely as online freelancers

In her speech, Miss Cajucom noted how important it is for individuals who want to engage in freelancing to establish the meaning of their work through measuring the value of their purpose. She presents a pressing issue that is facing many freelancers today which is the need to prioritize.

She mentions: “When you are sacrificing the more important things, then there is certainly something wrong”. Again, this was a moment of truth and self-checking for me. Then again, it felt good to know that this was a rather common problem that affects a majority of freelancers not only in the country but around the globe.

Change is inevitable and for many freelancers, change is necessary especially when it comes to determining the constructs of our personal values and how we use them to define our work values. Without the right values, freelancers [or people in general] collect a series of missed opportunities in their lives; missed hours of work, missed online opportunities and missed goals.

With a more established vision of the value of our work, change becomes the best friend we have to love and embrace as part of our personal and professional growth not only as better freelancers but as better individuals with much stronger purpose and direction in life.

As a supplement to the guidance provided by Celis and Cajucom, the speech of Kris Reid of Ardor SEO on Revenue Cures all Problems gave a considerable support on how freelancers could realign their thoughts and their procedures. in this speech he notes that as freelancers learn to serve the needs of their clients, they could eventually engage better in the accomplishment of their own goals.

The way we see our clients says so much about ourselves and the values we respect and the characters we define ourselves with. The way we treat them defines our personal understanding of our role as freelancers and as individuals who are supposed to help them out with their needs and not simply to profit out from their pockets.

This way, we are able to create valuable results for them through higher revenues, thus creating a more definitive construction of a better working environment for ourselves. This way, our clients would also reciprocate our efforts with respect and higher value for the jobs we accomplish for them and are then would be willing to give us as much support as we need along the way.

Good freelancing is established in good partnership with our clients

Our desire to become freelancers should be grounded on three basic things: (a) our passion and purpose; (b) the value we establish for ourselves and for our work; and (c) the consistency of how we value the partnership we share with our clients in order to foster balanced growth.

Hope this takeaway from the Working Remote 2019 event gave you a fair understanding of what freelancing is about and how you could survive its challenges should you decide to ‘join the club’.

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