The Baguio City Library: A Frontier for Modern Open Resource for Learning in the City

Did you know that today, March 9, 2021, is the 62nd Public Library Day.

It’s exciting to know that even in the midst of an age that is engulfed in modern technology, public libraries continue to thrive. And here in the City of Pines, the city library plays a great role in shaping the foundation of free modern education.

BAGUIO City Public Library

From small beginnings, the Baguio City Library remains to be a source of inspiration to individuals who want to learn even in the middle of this pandemic. It’s heartwarming to know that even as the pandemic presents challenges, the public library in our lovely city continues to improve its services.

The last time I visited the library was after goint to the children’s park with my kids before the pandemic began.

I remember how excited my youngest son was as he borrowed educational toys and read books in the toy house designed to keep reading cozy and fun for kids in the children’s section. My older son went straight to the general selection of books and read them in the grand hall.

We had several visits to the library after that and every visit was relaxing for me and exciting for my children. These memories are among the most important ones that I cherish with my children. Back then, I was merely hoping that the city library would be equipped with modern learning tools that will be fit to provide learning assistance to very one who may not have access to personal computers and the internet in their own homes.

Little did I know that during this pandemic, the Baguio City Library took distinct changes and adjustments fit to provide such learning assistance to the city’s learners and interested individuals.

I just came from the hospital and received a devastating news I wanted so much to shake off from my head before I went home. I was walking along Burnham and the Children’s Park when I saw that familiar space and felt that familiar feeling of comfort. I decided to go and check out the city library just to find a book to read for a few minutes.

The warm welcome of the receiving area was calming. The ambiance of the library was inviting and I was certain that this experience would be a delightful one.

Just leave your things in the counter and sign your name in….

I went immediately to the second floor as I always do and was surprised to see that there were several individuals there who were reviewing.

But what caught my attention were several seniors who were reading through books. Although in masks, their love for books cannot be hindered by the pandemic. Certainly, going to the library is a relaxing activity that our seniors could engage in to avoid boredom and anxiety during these times.

The grand reading hall is spacious enough to accommodate readers while observing strict social distancing.

The book collections in the general section adds in a mix of both old and new books that is categorized in different subjects.

What I loved the most is that the books are well-kept, clean, and properly taken care of. Finding the right book to read based on interests is easy. I shuffled through several books in design and I found some expensive collections open for public reading, which made my visit more than satisfying.

I went to the local history section. Perhaps because I was with my children when I visited the last time, I was not able to see this section.

I went in and indulged in local literature and several collections featuring local heroes, local celebrities, feature places, historical notes on local tourist spots, and several specialized maps that feature important locations in our city.

Going up stairs to the third floor is the law section. I do not know if it’s just me, but for me, it’s the best section in the library with a serene ambiance offering a great view of the children’s park in a silent nostalgic feel.

After visiting the law section, I went back down to see what’s new in the periodicals section. To my surprise, I saw this:

The e-learning section intrigued me, so I went and signed in and used one of the units for fast research and to apply for an online job.

The units are up to par, the internet is fast, and so far, that perfect ambiance for learning made the experience more than satisfying. And one more thing, It’s FREE!

This is so far one of the best parts of my visit. I was merely thinking of it then, and now, students and individuals who may not have access to the internet or personal computers may now continue learning for free with high-end tools available for free access.

The periodicals section boasts a huge collection of old and latest magazine and newspaper copies all available for free reading.

The section for young adults continue to boast great collections of both books and games interesting games.

Surely, the city library is still going through transformations that are designed to provide free and useful learning resources to everyone who is thirsty for knowledge.

Other additions to the features of the city library include the world book online. Further information about this feature could be found through the Baguio City Library’s Facebook Page.

Overall, my recent visit to the Baguio City Public City Library reminded me that the city, and the management of our city library continue to aim for better learning assistance services designed to support the growth of knowledge among members of the Baguio City community.

I simply hope more will pay attention to this wonderful gem of knowledge right around the corner .


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