About the Site

This website represents the thoughts and opinions of the author. Well, researched as they are, personal points of belief and understanding are all part of each write up. The author believes that in life, writing is a vital part of expression. One that provides an individual avenue of sharing one’s being to another through words and practically versed thoughts that creates the bridge of understanding among people no matter how different or distant they may be.

Furthermore, the author also recognizes that the entire human race is connected and intertwined by common issues they share with each other no matter what race, what language or what nation they come from and that is the Psychology of the Mind.

The author does not claim to be an expert on the matter; yet she is a keen observer and a fervent listener who understands how humans communicate to each other beyond words.

This website intends to explore the possibilities of giving voice to the voiceless- providing a platform of expression that goes from one thinking individual to another. The hope this website is founded upon is dedicated towards gracing the thoughts of individuals towards becoming inspirational and helpful bits of lessons that each one could be motivated with.