About the Author

It takes time to develop positive thinking; but the time and effort we put in this practice are all worth it in the end.

Ruth Serrano

Content Writer, Researcher, and Mental Health Advocate


Life is defined by the way we perceive its every twist and turn

I have more than eleven years of experience in the field of online freelance writing. I have learned so much from my experiences and view my clients as my mentors. I may have not finished a college degree, but life is my university- and learning every step of the way is a gift I consider to have created a huge difference on how I see life and how I deal with challenges that come my way.

I believe on the strength of the mind to direct us and give us a chance to see things at a much positive perspective even when life throws us with so many challenges. Even in the midst of confusion, the way we train our mind could help us see the good in everything and everyone.

Developing positive attitude and perspective does not come in easily. It takes regular practice and a dedication to this particular thought process. To develop such thinking and attitude requires dedication to such process of seeing things in their brighter side rather than on the negative aspects of matters.

As a mental health advocate, I want to use my writing to give individuals a chance to embrace happiness and find ways to create positive results from completely disturbing and confusing situations.

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