Family Connections

They say family is the most basic unit in a community. It is basically the foundation of any society.

There is a belief that when it comes to family, there is that special bond that cannot be torn- that when it comes to having to deal with the worst things in one’s life, family is always somewhere one comes back home to.

However, times have changed. In many ways, family connections have been hammered into pieces. There is something about family connections that could either make or break an individual.

Every family has a unique story; a story that shapes a person’s being. This page hopes to provide inspiration. From anonymously written family stories, it is hoped that you would find something that mirrors your family’s unique story.

Healthy Family Bonds Create Better Persons

No family is perfect; which means problems will always have a place in any family’s story. Besides knowing the problem, it is more important to know how these families survived the most unpredictable events in their lives. It is a common though that there is always a way around things- but when it comes to family connections, some people find it too critical to handle all the different issues that get entangled in the middle of all the other problems that are being treated.

This series of reading hopefully gives you a chance to improve the way you deal with the current pressures occurring in your family and grow up to be a more resilient individual who could resolve family issues through developing a more responsible and positive perception on things.