Freelancing Tips

Welcome to Open Book’s Freelancing Tips.

With the many changes happening in the world today, economy is one sure thing that has been racked up so much and has caused distress not only in the national economy, but in individuals and households.

The pressure is on to find another way of earning. Fathers, mothers, and providers of families stand long the frontlines of almost fighting for survival when it comes to finding job that will help them through these distressing times.

Although home-based work culture has been around for more than decade now, the recent changes in the world economy has opened the doors fully to introducing this culture even to big brands that intend to continue operation beyond the pressure that occurs in the market.

This page offers a series of useful tips that you can use as you enter the world of freelancing, home-based work, and remote work; all part of the old-renewed culture of work that serves as the backbone of the new economy in the new normal.

We should never be the prisoners of our jobs; because there is always a better way of staying in control

Filipino Freelancing: Why Pricing Your Services Matter

I was reading through a freelancer post earlier and I read that 12 USD per article is an extremely low price for a well-researched, well-written article. Sadly, that’s what I am charging my clients. I never thought it was too low, until I realized how much other writers are charging their clients. Well, come to…

Working Remote 2019 Takeaway 4: The Changing Philippine Economy Brings Work Opportunities at Home

The Philippine economy is changing. Looking into the past and up until the current years, the position of the Philippine economy still remains strongly dependent on the people-investment. Particularly, the culture of sending OFW outside the country has become a basic attitude in terms of defining the economic progress in the Philippines. However, many families…

Anticipation Rises as the Working Remote Summit Nears

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me and perhaps one of the most anticipated ones. I admit, I am a freelancer for more than eleven years now and I am thirsty to understand this industry better. Like many other freelancers out there, I often wonder ‘how come others are living the life and I am merely…