Parenting Bits

Have you read those articles on great parenting that visualizes it as the best gift anyone could ask for? The smiles of the young ones, the extremely cute milestones that call for the perfect photograph, and all the other things that define the real happiness that comes from parenting.

Then you pause a bit and think, “Why don’t I have that?”

Reading through those articles often make us question ourselves. As if thinking “why am I not as happy as other parents are?” Then the next thing that happens is that you question your parenting process. This is when everything goes done into a spiral wave of desperation and frustrations which will definitely affect the way you see yourself and the way you connect with your children.

A grim negative picture, isn’t it? The truth is, this is what real parenting looks like. Nonetheless, it does not mean that there is no reason to be happy beyond all of these. Realizing the facts that define the meaning of real parenting will give you an option to be more capable of handling the challenges that comes with parenting.

Tackling the issues behind parenting from the most common to perhaps the most unspoken ones is critical to redefining the way you see yourself as a parent and the way you treat your children and guide them through life more positively.

I hope that the series of article posts in this blog could help you in your journey as a parent as much as they do mine.