Mental Health Guide and Support

Your mind has the capacity to make our break you. What you think of affects the way you perceive life and the way you face the different issues that life presents to you.

Training your mental powers through feeding your mind with the right knowledge, will equip you in finding a better path to take. A path that will bring out the best out of who you are especially when dealing with life’s most challenging conditions.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will not feel low anymore. The truth is, the more engaged you are with your mind’s power, the more you would be able to feel emotions, as raw as they are. However, because of the knowledge and understanding that you develop along the way, you can better handle issues with a positive outlook on matters, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Worry Versus Anxiety

Worrying is a normal response to discomfort but anxiety is constant battle. How do you know if you are simply worried or if you are suffering from anxiety? Read this post and learn

Safety is a Huge Requirement for Sanity

Have you ever passed through an unlit street in the middle of the night? Remember how it felt? If you have been in the same situation mentioned, then you certainly know what I am talking about. Given the chance that there is another way that leads to the same direction, would it not be the…

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Unbreakable Chains of the Past

Experience is the greatest teacher- often heard, often real. But what if experience teaches you to become a different person; to view yourself and the world differently. What if these experiences, although they might have already taught you something, do not go away, and keeps on haunting you as if you have some debt to pay?…

What Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is About

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious problem that is affecting 3 out of every 10 individuals today. There are many reasons behind it, and being educated with regards its existence and its makeup could help survivors recover from the turmoil it opens.

Being Well is a Personal Decision

There are instances in life when we find ourselves somewhere uncomfortable, somewhere we never expected we would be. During this time, it is the easiest choice to put the blame on others and to be fixated on making sure they accept their mistakes and pay up their supposed dues to us. However, often times, this…

Noting the Three D’s of Success

Success may be a common word, but not everyone is able to take note of its real meaning nor are they able to grasp its real worth. This is why even though there are many who want to be successful, only a few actually manages to be. What are the specific D’s that would help one achieve success? This blog presents them in detail.

Why Mental Psychology Matters

Everything a person is -comes from whatever the mind thinks. Through time, it has been a blessing that the study of psychology has found different solutions to issues that define the why’s and how’s of human behavior. Gone are the days when people simply disregard issues of anxiety and depression and simply label them as…

The Real Unseen Struggles of PTSD

Reality breaks my heart…while there are many discussions found online about what PTSD is, how a patient suffers it and how it progresses, it is true what they say that you’ll never know what it really is nor would you understand how it really feels unless you’ve walked the path- unless you were the one…

What Keeps You Holding On

Let it go… no, it’s not a song…  it’s just the most common phrase I hear every time I seize The fact that everyone knows what brings me down, they feel the struggle Frustrations come into mind, and somehow, they tell me to just let it go And I want so much to, but there…