TV, Movies and Reviews

Entertainment has become one of the most common factor that redefined the meaning of “happiness”.

For many years, humans have been in search for something that will keep their minds off from reality.
Back in the days, generations of civilizations depended on stories being passed on by mouth to entertain themselves. People would gather together in the plaza to listen to stories and watch local theater presentations.

Entertainment come in different forms in different cultures.

However, as part of the modernization of almost “everything”, the birth of modern media also came into play. The television have certainly changed the picture of modern media and the meaning of entertainment around the globe.

Now, with advanced technology that improves the overall makeup of televisions and the internet that makes media sharing and distribution take a much faster turn, it cannot be denied how movies and television program has certainly changed the way the human society view the meaning of entertainment and recreation.

The power of television programming and movies have certainly changed the way humans connect.

Socialization through modern media is a trend that cannot be escaped. There is something about the message that movies and television carries across cultures and ages that defines the meaning of human life.

This blog will be dedicated to analyzing different television programs and movies that are worth your time to catch. Analyzing the meaning and the message of each movie and each program is hoped to give a vision on what the value of modern media is for individuals, for children, and for families.